How Do I Get to Three Rooker Island Sandbar?

Anyone looking for the perfect island escape, north of Clearwater Beach in Florida should consider visiting the Three Rooker Island Sandbar. It is one of the spectacles of nature that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Whether you are into boat excursions or birdwatching, the Three Rooker Island has everything for just about everyone. It is a popular destination for boaters, snorkelers, anglers, adventurous tourists, nature lovers, bird watchers, and party animals.

The fact that the island is as a result of years of complex coastal processes makes it worth visiting. After all, touring the sandbar offers you the chance to enjoy the sugary-soft, white sandy beaches and flora and fauna of the island as you connect with nature.

Where’s Three Rooker Island Sandbar?

The Three Rooker Island Sandbar is located in Pinellas County, in West-Central Florida in the Gulf of Mexico and it is separated from the Clearwater mainland by the Saint Joseph Sound Gulf.

The island is surrounded by other barrier islands. It is north of Honeymoon Island, south of Anclote Key Island, and west of Tarpon Springs.

How to get to Three Rooker Island Sandbar

A trip to the Three Rooker Sandbar promises to be a memorable excursion for you and your family. This is because getting to the island is only by boat or watercraft as they are no roads leading to the sandbar.

To start your trip, you have to board a boat at the Dunedin Marina or the ramp at Anclote Park. You may also hire a boat from the Anclote Key Preserve State Park. There are also a few local boaters who are ready to take visitors to the island at a fee.

From the Clearwater Pass, motor your boat to the green Channel Marker 20 and turn left to the Clearwater memorial causeway. Sail under the bridge and move 4 miles to the next red channel marker 30. From the marker, turn left to Three Rooker Island.

Places to stay in Three Rooker Island Sandbar

The Three Rooker Island Sandbar does not have hotels, inns or accommodation facilities. If you are looking for places to stay, you have to book a room in any of the hotels off the coast of Pinellas along Clearwater Beach in Florida.

Alternatively, you can set up camp on the nearby Anclote Key Island or the North Anclote Sandbar Island. However, you must first register with the Resident Ranger before setting up camp in any of these islands.

Major attractions and places of interest

The major attraction on the Three Rooker Island Sandbar is the island itself. After all, the sandbar is a distinct and complex work of nature never witnessed anywhere else in recent times.

If you love fishing, snorkeling, or birdwatching, then the Three Rooker Island Sandbar is the place to be. The offshore bar is surrounded by clear, pristine waters making it the ideal destination for watersports.

It is also home to dozens of different bird species thanks to the thick vegetation cover on the sandbar.

Important points to know before going to Three Rooker Island

There are a few things that you need to know before you set sail to the Three Rooker Island.

First, the island is only accessible by boat since it is simply a slim offshore bar that cannot support a road network. Besides, it is about 40 miles away from Clearwater Beach so you should prepare your seasickness tabs if you normally experience motion sickness.

No pets are allowed on the Three Rooker Bar. The island is home to plenty of shorebirds and nesting seabirds that might be at risk if you tag your furry friend along.

As highlighted above, the Three Rooker Island does not have accommodation facilities. However, this is not a major issue as you can always set up camp in the neighboring islands.

Lastly, always carry your party clothes since the island is renowned for its vibrant party scene. However, leave your glasses behind in an effort to conserve the island.