Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s How It Works:

  • Click on Book Now.

  • Select Your Location, Boat, and Length of Time (half or full day).
  • Show up at your scheduled time and check-in with the office.

  • Load the boat with your gear for the day.

  • Enjoy your time out on the water!

  • Return the boat within our specified time frame.

  • Pay for the gas and oil you used for the day.

  • Get on with your day!

Do’s & Don’t’s


  • Bring a radio, sunscreen, towel and hat

  • Bring your cooler with drinks and food, & beach chair

  • Obey No Wake zones. “You can be held responsible for damages caused by your wake”

  • Download Marine GPS app on phone

  • When anchoring at a beach or island always have stern facing shore and never anchor in the surf.

  • Make sure the engine/propeller is in water before starting the engine

  • The captain is required to use a lanyard while the boat is in motion

  • When anchored at Island or sandbar always keep the boat in sight if not onboard.

  • Use dive flag when snorkeling


  • Beach the Boats

  • Anchor from the stern

  • Go under any bridges

  • Bow Ride

  • Run close to anchored boats

  • Go to Dunedin/Clearwater
  • Run in shallow water

  • Tie up to private docks

  • Fuel up the boat other than at our marina

  • Run boats at full throttle

Frequently Asked Questions