Shelling on Anclote Island

Shelling on Anclote Island

Decades ago, Tarpon Springs was a hub of activity with the famous sponge harvesting. Although the practice dwindled in the 1980s, the entire region remains a tourist attraction because of tantalizing Greek eateries around and the Amazing Anclote Preserve State Park.

In essence, Anclote Park is a string of beautiful islands encompassing South Anclote Bar, North Anclote, Three Rooker, and Anclote Key Islands. Approximately 440 acres, the vast natural attraction is well-known for the striking 1887 lighthouse, boat riding, and the assorted bird sanctuary. It is worth noting that you can only access the park by boat.

This piece will share fun facts on why shelling at Anclote Preserve Park should be at the top of your list. In addition, we will clarify why you need to hire paramount boats to get the best out of it.

The Beauty behind Shell Collecting in Anclote Preserve Park

Initially, shell collecting trails back to the 18th century in China and England. While most people do it as a hobby, scientists and archaeologists pick them up for various analyses. Still, several shell traders make a living out of it.

Altogether, Anclote Key Preserve State Park is an ideal place to unwind because of the sea life, birds, and historical sponges. According to experts, the best shelling time is early mornings during low tides. If lucky, it is possible to collect more than 60 different shells in a single day. However, it is unlikely to get such a vast number of shells from one island.

As a result, it is crucial to engage dependable boat hiring experts to access the best shell collection hot spots and get unsurpassed advice on low tide frequencies. Likewise, Anclote is pictorial and a sight to behold. If need be, contact a well-equipped company that also offers skilled guides for enjoyable shelling and breathtaking sceneries.

Usually, the trip around the island takes less than three hours. Bear in mind that some ill-qualified boat hiring companies may not have the proper knowledge or patience to offer satisfying cruises to their clients. Others eager to make an extra coin may quicken the boat rides to get more clients.

Unfortunately, although Anclote Preserve Park floods with several boats riding companies, not all offers optimal service. For this reason, ensure that you get value for your money by hiring a trustworthy brand that focuses only on customer safety and satisfaction. Below is a sneak preview of why Seabreeze Boat Rentals takes a leading position among the rest.

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Final Thought

Nothing beats the relaxation that comes with a day well spent in the sea. For this reason, Seabreeze boat rentals are a one-stop shop for fantastic cruises, treasured shelling, and fulfilling fishing moments. Above all, you can hire a veteran skipper guide as an added value to the entire experience. Book now for a chance to make beautiful memories with your family members at reasonable costs