Destinations off The Coast of Port Richey Florida

Situated in Pasco County, Florida, Port Richey has a unique riverfront landscape and a rich cultural heritage.  The city is famous for its special events and festivals, making it an excellent tourist destination for couples and families alike. 

Furthermore, there are many destinations off the city’s coast, making the city full of major attractions, water sports, and recreation. Below are some of the top destinations off the coast of Richey.

Durney Key 

Durney Key is one of the incredible island paradises that lie on the western side of Port Richey.  The only way to get to Durney Key from Port Richey is by a rental boat or kayak.  The island paradise isn’t a designated preserve for a park. Hence, the island is no man’s land in terms of recreation. Visitors can bring their rents or camps on the island without requiring permission or a permit.  There are shaded tents all over the island.

Shallow waters surround the island, making the pristine island an excellent place for snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. There isn’t a restriction against pets and alcoholic beverages or anything else that you can enjoy legally. 

 If you are coming to the island from Port Richey, you will ultimately need a watercraft. The best and most convenient place to hire your watercraft is at Seabreeze Boat Rentals.

North Anclote Sandbar

North Anclote Sandbar is a tiny sandbar that is situated North of Port Richey. The small sandbar is part of Anclote Key state Part. The island makes a beautiful destination off the coast of Port Richey, Florida, for good reasons. 

For instance, north Anclote Sandbar is known for its pristine white-sand beaches. North Anclote Sandbar is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. You will see all kinds of marine life in the island’s crystal clear waters, including blue and white sharks. 

 It is one of the favorite destinations you can visit by boat. It’s clear water beaches make the island genuinely gorgeous. It is a favorite paddle destination for boating enthusiasts. If you don’t have a boat yourself, you can consider renting one at Seabreeze Boat Rentals, exploring this magnificent island, and enjoying its beautiful shores.

Cow Key

 The Island lies 1.48 miles from Port Richey. Visiting this private island is a lifetime opportunity for any traveling enthusiast.  Cow Key is a top travel destination not just in Florida but also globally.  The island offers a perfect spot to build your waterfront dream or experience a memorable holiday vacation.

 The waters surrounding the island are clear blue. Furthermore, the island offers miles of unexplored white sand beaches.  It is a lovely destination for a private holiday, especially for romantic couples, since it provides a serene and quiet surrounding that favors such couples. 

Like other destinations off the coast of Port Richey, the ultimate way to explore this island is by using one of our finest boasts at SeaBreeze Boat Rentals. 

Green Key Island

The list of finest destinations off the coast of Port Richey can’t be complete without mentioning Green Key Island. There are so many places to explore on this island and make your vacation one of its kind. 

Green Key is well known for its lush beaches, such as Hudson beach, where you can spend your lazy days with family while basking under the sun. The Island also has tons of spending green spaces, including Key Vista Nature Park. 

You can wander the beautiful beaches and the waterfront in this lovely park. Or, you can explore the island’s great outdoors, including the Weeki Wachee Springs. Take a boat trip from Port Richey Island and explore the best of Green Key Island.


 There are so many destinations off the coast of Port Richey, Florida, to explore with your partner, friends, and family. Contact Seabreeze Boat Rentals if you want to hire a boat to explore these fantastic destinations.